A carefully handpicked team

At the very heart of our team you will find the finance brokers. They are the key to our business, and will make sure you are totally satisfied.

For that reason we focus a lot of time and financial resource in sourcing the perfect people to represent our brand. We will only ever hire finance brokers who are professional, energetic and positive. Every single member of our staff will treat you with the upmost respect and dedicate their full time and attention to making sure you are satisfied.

Local knowledge from your local finance broker

With finance brokers across the whole of Australia, we can pair you with the right expert locally. This means no matter who you find yourself working with, you can be sure they have the exact knowledge relevant to suit your needs.

Access to more lenders and loans

Most finance brokers actually have access to different lenders and loans, and here at F2 finance we pride ourselves in having more access than anyone else to a range of different products.

We are able to compare and contrast hundreds of options – this includes all major banks and also non‐bank lending options. With more products on our radar, we are able find the loan that matches specifically your requirements.

You can be rest assured that we follow a strict regime of integrity. Our focus is you, and we will always prioritise you!

We will be by your side for the long term future.

Most finance brokers provide you with a loan and then tend to move on to another client as fast as humanly possible. But here at F2 finance, we make sure to prioritise you for the long term.

We’ll assess your circumstances during the entirety of your loan, ensuring it remains the right loan for you. Because we are continuously across all market developments, we are able to provide you with the most suitable options as and when they present themselves.

Don’t delay in saying ‘yes’ to discovering the right finance broker. Call 0408 737 141 to be put in touch with the finance broker local to you.

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